About ConvenIT

Since February 2017, ConvenIT has been a leading and solution-oriented partner for various Small- to Medium businesses, in various branches, with full-service as main aspect. Based in Amsterdam, we mostly work on location at our customers, with one goal in mind: we make it possible.

From employee to self-employed entrepreneur

In 2003 the adventure of ConvenIT began towards the company it is nowadays. Founder Richard Fruitman started as a project- and accountmanager at a leading and innovative webdesign company in Amsterdam, where ideas and solutions came to life for customers and colleagues. After 2 years, the time came for a new, international challenge with a company with with worldwide offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. The international market for both consumers and companies became clear here and mainly the technical processes within a variety of companies in different branches were optimized, which became one of the strong points of ConvenIT.
To gain more experience in marketing and design, a new adventure started in 2007, with a national renowned marketing bureau, where insights in graphical design were learned and improved. After that, it was time to take a look at (international) company management and Richard started in 2009 at a small wholesale company, with an important goal: gain more revenue, profit, personnel, better facilities and an optimized IT-structure, within a short period of time. In the function of IT, Sales- and Purchase Manager, Richard and the company grew out to be one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in Europe in their branche, even with a bad economy in their backs. A webshop with automated processes/connections to external systems, (international) marketing and company management were optimized and personnel trained and attended, to gain a growth of nearly 400% in revenue and profit within 5 years time and a realistic (IT) budget.
Ideas are created by new challenges and so it was time to take responsibility and start the company ConvenIT, to offer you the knowledge and expertise of Richard and his network of IT professionals.

No-nonsense mentality

After 15 years, one thing became clear, we love to help you. And preferably with everything, in order for you to be able to concentrate on the things you're good at. Actually, we are part of your company, without all the bad stuff that normally come with that responsibility.
,, You can consider us as part of your company ''
You can expect a lot from us, but the most important aspects are:
  • Venturous
  • Result driven
  • Transparent

Do you also want a perfect result?