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Full-service IT services

We offer a full-service package to small to medium businesses, with a main goal to be that one contact for you, for all issues concerning IT. That you, as our customer, can focus on the things which you are specialized in, is very important to us. The services we primarily offer to you are the most important, however we can literally help you with anything, even if it's through one of our solution partners.

Need a perfect website?


We create custom solutions for you, for which we keep design and functionalities in style with your company. For this, we keep the future in mind, so that your website is prepared well and will last for years. Of course, your website will be easy to maintain (by yourself), because we offer you an easy and versatile Content Management System (CMS).

More sales?

When you start a new webshop, it is important to keep track of a lot of things, like maintenance of the website and products, findability and perhaps connections to external (software) systems. This is also applicable to existing webshops and we are your ideal partner for that. We evaluate your situation, create a strategy en create and/or implement all activities needed, in order for you to get the perfect webshop, completely tuned for your wishes and target audience.

Better search results?

Having a perfect website with all functionalities you need is the first step to make your business successful. The second step is to be found through search engines and other means. It is important to attract the relevant (target) audience for your services or products. We finetune your (online) marketing plan for your company, service, products and target audience, so that you spend your marketing budget in the best way possible.

Improve your identity?

Desktop Publishing
Starting and seasoned entrepreneurs will gain an all-in-one solution with us. We design your logo and complete corporate identity, together with a communication style, in order for you to have a professional look and feel for your business. Whether you need business cards, flyers, brochures or online advertising banners, we take care of all your marketing design needs.

Work faster?

As soon as your business grows or will grow, everything grows with it. Personnel, cars, real estate, but also your IT facilities. A good example is the use of various and changing software-solutions, no matter if its office software (like Microsoft Office) or online software (like Magento webshops). We make sure the transitions and communications between IT-solutions is done perfectly, so that less time is needed for maintenance and more time remains for the more important and practical things.

Need advice?

Our corporate motto is making it possible, in other words, we make sure that everything will become possible for you in the area of IT. We love ideas concerning you and your company, because new ideas lead to new solutions. And solutions are our ultimate goal. Our advice is always just an advice and never mandatoty. That way you always keep full control regarding IT activities around your company.